Getting Ready for Baby Boy

23 weeks! We’re feeling the heat to start making room for this little guy! My belly is expanding by the day and the reality that our baby boy will soon be with us is starting to feel real. We couldn’t be more excited. As it is now I’ll lay on the couch at night and Will and I are in awe of each little kick, jab or movement from him. We both have said on multiple occasions while we are feeling his movement “I wish he was here with us already!” We are already so in love.

Last weekend Will had a break in is heavy work load to paint the room. I stayed in the other room to avoid the fumes but helped anyway I could. When will request Giamella’s for lunch (a really yummy local sub place) I went happily to retrieve it for my busy worker. Afternoon iced coffee? Yup, he got that too!

The room, which was previously Will’s office was grey before. We choose to go off white for a few reasons. 1. We wanted to go light and neutral to bring a freshness into the room. 2.We also wanted the flexibility to bring lots of color into the room with other things. 3. I had the color! but in a pregnant moment, forgot and bought it again….opps. 4. We didn’t want to have to paint yet again when we leave this place (since it is a rental).

Baby Boy's daddy hard at work! (what a handsome guy 😉

Things are looking fresh and clean!

Now we are faced with lots of little design decisions to make this room perfect for our little guy. I know if I don’t choose just the right shade of paint for the crib he’ll resent me for life 😉 We’ll maybe not. But I do want to make it really great, for him, and for me who will spend hours and hours feeding him in the room. Here is what we have in the room right now. We also have a Jenny Lind crib that Will and his brother Pete both slept in as babies. Kinda special and fun! Not to mention Jenny Lind is CLASSIC. Good choice Jody and Jim 🙂

The little end table I found on the side of the road. We want to paint it a color and put chalkboard paint on the sides.

Found this darling plush rug thanks to a tip from my friend Kim Taylor!

Bought for us by my parents (we snagged it off of CL for 45 bucks!)

And finally here is our general vision (though it seems to change every time I look at it. I just can’t decide what color to paint the painted furniture! Too many great colors to choose from. I love them all.


We’re having so much fun preparing, as you can see. Decisions, decisions, decisions……