Thinking about Christmas

I can’t help but feel like this Christmas is different for me. This year we celebrate as a new family and everyone keeps telling us how special that is. And it is, but what’s really been hitting me hard is the new understanding I have of what the birth of Jesus must have felt like.

I had never experienced JOY like the moment Jonas was born. I had never known physical pain like that day either. I had never REJOICED the way I did when I held my baby for the very first time.  I had never experienced LOVE like I have in motherhood. How must Mary have felt? All these feelings and more. Knowing who this baby was. Knowing this baby was here to bring PEACE on earth. Knowing that this was the first NOEL. Mary must have felt all of the feelings I felt the moment Jonas was born, and more. How in the world is that possible? I felt like I was going to burst  with JOY and LOVE that day.  And Jesus, he was here  to reconcile God and sinners to bring JOY to the whole world. Incredible.

I’m so thankful that Jonas’ birth is still fresh in my mind this Christmas. The miracle of life is a HOLY experience. Its the most incredible, HOLY piece of life I’ve ever been through.

I feel like this Christmas is different because I have a whole new understanding of all of these words that seem to float around at Christmas time. They’re on my tree, on my shopping bags, in window displays on the radio, they’re everywhere. This Christmas I get to ponder them all in a new way, and don’t want to let that slip by.