This day means everything.

This year we didn’t attend a church service which felt so strange. Our church was hosting at the Hollywood Bowl and the timing of the service was right smack dab in the middle of Jonas’ nap. It made me sad to miss it. I try to keep reminding myself, this is a season of life. Even though some things are much more complicated, I will miss these few years when they are gone.

I tried to read Jonas the a children’s version of the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection, but the concepts involved were just too big for an 18 month old. I’m glad I tried. You’ve got to start somewhere right?

I think for now we’ll stick to the “Hug a Bible” version

Jesus is Alive!

Who died but came alive again?
Who came to rescue you and win?
Who came to make all things brand new?
Who did it for the love of you?

Sing and dance and leap and run!
His name is Jesus little one.

Here are some sweet shots celebrating Easter, the day that means everything.

easter jonas 1
easter jonas 2
easter jonas 3
easter jonas 4