2014, I’m going manual

2014 Resolution:

To shoot  in manual, a photo a day (at least).

I love my camera. Its a Nikon D7000. We purchased it just before Jonas was born about 2 and a half years ago. I’ve captured so many memories using it, and the images it produces are gorgeous. This has only fueled my desire to take more photos and better photos. I occasionally will switch off the auto settings and shoot in aperture priority mode,  still leaving my ISO in auto. But I want to be in control of my photography, full control.  I’ve reached the point where I want to get the shot I have in my head and the only way I’m going to achieve this is to turn the camera into MANUAL mode and figure it out! Scary.

Although I did learn the basics of photography in my high school photo class, I’ve been shooting with digital devices for the last 10 years. Point and shoots and the iphone made me forget everything. So, in 2014 I’m taking complete control of my photography. I want to grow, I want to learn, I want to improve, so I’m going to challenge myself. No more automatic mode for me.

Here is my first shot of the year.


[Midnight]      1/50 f1.8 ISO 6400 35mm

[Midnight] 1/50 f1.8 ISO 6400 35mm