Charlotte Turns ONE

One year old! My baby is one year old. On Valentines day this past week we had a fun celebration to celebrate how much we love Charlie. She is the sweetest girl, loves to laugh, smile at everyone and loves to get into trouble. I wanted to make it a celebration that reflected the joy and fun this little love has brought into our lives. Most of the details were made by me with help from my family. I threw a big party like this for my son on his first birthday and I remember it being difficult to host the party and enjoy the party. This time I really wanted to focus on being with Charlie and enjoying the party with her. So turns out its really hard to host a party, enjoy a party and photograph a party, but I tried my best, and focused most of my energy on enjoying the party. That unfortunately meant I forgot to execute details I had planned for and photograph everything as I would have liked to. Oh well, I will remember the day for sitting in the grass with my baby blowing bubbles and not for the perfectly executed party details, and I’m happy with that!



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