Jalama Beach Camping & A Giveaway!

Spent a long weekend away enjoying friends who feel like family and some beautiful days at the beach. It was fun to disconnect completely (no cell service!) and just be together. Camping with a 16 month old was tough with naps and bedtime, but the memories we made were totally worth it. Jonas (3 years old) was just in heaven. He just kept clinching his fists up to his face and saying “I’m so excited!” after his first night sleeping in his sleeping bag he declared we needed to plan another trip, even though we had another night to go. I know these photos we be treasured for years to come in my heart. Sweet times!

To celebrate summer I decided I want to giveaway a mini session. Summer is so full of color, fun and joy and I’d love to give someone some pretty memories of their family this summer. To enter visit my Instagram page and follow the rules to enter. I’m giving away a mini session to be used in July, a 30 minute session with 15 high res edited images. Good luck!!

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