Mini Sessions 2015- part 1

Now that Christmas Cards are all sent (or New Years cards in my case!) I get to start sharing all of the fun family sessions that kept me busy over the last couple months! I fell in love with this location and the variety of backgrounds it gave in such a small walking distance.

LBP_7192 Untitled LBP_7209 LBP_7239-Edit LBP_7245 LBP_7246 LBP_7268 LBP_7286 LBP_7303 LBP_7353 LBP_7360 LBP_7363 LBP_7402 LBP_7414 LBP_7418 LBP_7438 LBP_7475 LBP_7483 LBP_7486 LBP_7490 LBP_7514 2 LBP_7533 LBP_7556 LBP_7560 LBP_7570 LBP_7600 LBP_7625 LBP_7664 LBP_7665 LBP_7668 5 LBP_7687 LBP_7708 LBP_7711 LBP_7792 LBP_7806 LBP_7820 LBP_7847 LBP_7860 LBP_7867 LBP_7926 7 LBP_7929 LBP_7939 LBP_8007 LBP_8046 6 LBP_8081 LBP_8109 9 LBP_8120 LBP_8124